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Best Case of the Year

Best Save of the Year award






This year at the annual ASRM meeting we will once again be addressing this situation by presenting two awards for excellence in microsurgery and complex reconstruction. One award will focus on microsurgical salvage from a complication (self-created or other), the other on the best microsurgical case of the year. By offering these awards, The ASRM hopes to showcase some of the incredible talent and innovation that our members possess and utilize on a daily basis.

All ASRM Active members are encouraged to submit a case or two for consideration. Using the link below or by direct email (  Please send a short synopsis of the case with illustrative JPEGs and why you think the case merits consideration.Please note that any file sizes over 10 MB must be submitted on a CD and mailed to the Central Office by DECEMBER 1, 2014.


In order to be considered, you must:

  1. Be an Active member of the ASRM
  2. Have performed some part of the reconstruction during the 2014 calendar year
  3. Personally attend the annual meeting to present your case to the membership.




Cases will be chosen for presentation by the Best Case/Best Save Selection Committee. Cases will be discussed by an expert panel and voted upon by the membership present. All presenters should have a good sense of humor as the competition is meant to entertain the membership.


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